Oh Joy!
2004-09-08 || the chicken wars of 82
Soundtrack � some chi

So I�m happy it�s raining out now. Remember it rained for like 5 weeks here in the summer. That was refreshing. Heat makes people act like complete fucking douche bags. Cold weather makes them stay in their homes and hide, we like it better that way. I tell you, when I HAVE to go out now, you know, to do errands or whatever I get a headache. The mere mention of having to go interact with a stranger makes me both nervous, and frustrated. If there were an easier emotion to describe I would write it down, but this check I need to go cash at a bank is making me nervous. As long as I get one of the black women at the bank I�ll be okay. The only people really worth talking to, strangers that is, are black women. White chicks are awful. I�ve never met an intelligent white woman, or one that didn�t lie and steal your breath while you slept. True story. The negrette is a human to behold though.

I mean seriously, who looks like they�d be more exciting to hang around with?

Someone sent me a link to a video of police arresting protesters in NYC last week at the RNC, and I must say I�m hardly impressed with how these leftist organizations present their shit. All of the people being thrown to the ground and manhandled by cops, they show it, but they cut out what the person did to be arrested. I can�t form an opinion on something like this, and have to give the cops the benefit of the doubt as the organized anarchists (??!!) mentioned they would throw bottles of urine at politicians, cops, etc. If I was a cop and someone threw a bottle of urine at me, they would definitely be found dead in an alley somewhere with their own genitals sticking out of their mouth. I look forward to the day I can run over bike messengers blocking the roads. These people need to be beaten over and over with batons. Cheers, to the NYPD from me.

I feel like watching a movie. Getting wrapped up in a good movie tonight. Going out to dinner, etc. and then watching the baseball at 10:05. I bought Hour of the Wolf yesterday used. My favorite Bergman film. Most of my life now, I like to just sit around and watch a good movie. This is what life is forever now. Travel every couple of months (Hello Cleveland!), play music a couple times a month in front of an �audience�, watch movies, go out to dinner. Sorry I don�t want to go hiking, I don�t want to walk around somewhere, I don�t want to go out to the movies in public, I don�t want to �falling asleep at work again!


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