Oh Joy!
2004-09-07 || her chicken cooke, 3
Soundtrack � Genesis � Nursery Cryme

I was in and out of the house yesterday like a guy with a moustache in and out of a blonde chick with big tit�s asshole. I bought a printer, didn�t realize I would need to buy the wires for it, went back out, came back, wrong wire, went back out, got correct wire from Rocky Horror fan girl at Radio Shack. In between one of these trips I inadvertently got the cat high by blowing a hit towards the ceiling, and the ceiling fan blew it in her face. Speaking of blowing things in �her face�, I watched an Annette Funicello beach party movie last night.

Worked at that festival over the weekend. It was pretty good for the majority of it. The girl running it gets a little annoying. This other woman who was selling merchandise was a kunt to us, she was obviously Jewish, as she had a big nose and was annoying. There were a few times where I pictured myself perched on top of the scaffolding of the stage and taking this woman out with a sniper rifle. I imagined the back of her head exploding, her eyes bugging out and falling to ground, a dead Jewish woman who should never have been born in the first place. It amazes me how rude and shitty ��..falling aslee p at my deks

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