Oh Joy!
2004-09-02 || james brwon said papa don't take no mehhs
Soundtrack � Angry Samoans � Back to Samoa

How good is the song My Old Man�s a Fatso? Seriously good punk rock shit.

Speaking of punk rock, I just got back from the gig. It went okay and horrible in different ways. We didn�t really have a huge crowd, but we did have a few people who have seen us before that aren�t really our friends that had nice things to say about us afterwards which means the world to me. We couldn�t really hear well on stage, I was very comfortable tonight though, moving around a little more than normal and throwing a jibe at Aarne on stage by announcing he quit his job today which drew a good amount of applause. It was nice to do some of the old songs we�ve been neglecting.

It�s now 2:35 AM and I just spent thirty minutes updating my spread sheet that has all of our songs performed, complete with pivot tables etc. I like to count letters in words too, check me out.

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