Oh Joy!
2004-08-23 || throwing chicken for your father
Soundtrack � some shit you don�t

I want to go to Cleveland for a weekend, so I may do that. It�s cheap, and my life is so fucking boring and uneventful I figure why not.

I didn�t really do anything worth mentioning this weekend. Went to New Hampshire yesterday, went to the record shop and ended up buying a CD of a punk rock band I loved when I was 14 or 15 that you have never heard of so I don�t even need to mention them. Anyway, it wasn�t as good as I remembered it. I can�t buy anything in music stores anymore. Every single note of music someone recommends to me is awful, and everything that�s been coming out has been kind of�whatever. Can you imagine the person anticipating a new Radiohead record?

I bought a carton of cigarettes in New Hampshire as well. My plan to not pay as much in taxes in Massachusetts, as well as get my money�s worth of other stuff is paying off pretty well. I haven�t bought cigarettes here in a few weeks. I have been littering more than ever, but only in Massachusetts. There is actually this one area I have been throwing cups, bags, packs of cigarettes out of my car window consistently every morning now. I almost want to take a picture of it, as it�s ALL my trash. It�s quite funny. You can�t really dust for trash can you? Anyway, people who don�t openly litter are pussies.

There is a lake.

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