Oh Joy!
2004-08-08 || a snail with 5
Soundtrack � tonight�s performance

Just got in from the show we played tonight, it�s past 3:00 AM. 2 nights in a row now. We were excited to see our friends Enea (hope I spelled that right) and Pete show up, so we shot the shit with them for a while afterwards. Possibly two of the coolest guys I know that I don�t see that much. We were kind of pissed that the band before us did not watch a note of our whole set. I got them on the show too. We know why they didn�t watch us, and it definitely has something to do with killing Jesus. Both shows the last two nights have been nonstop sets, no breaks between songs. I like doing this. testing the short attention span people.

Yada yada yada my rock band blah blah blah.

A tree outside definitely wants to kil

before & after