Oh Joy!
2004-08-06 || soup of the day is now available if you have the yellow ticket
Soundtrack � Elvis Presley � Live in Hawaii

The person responsible for creating that Dalmatian throw rug will pay the ultimate price.

Seriously though, I think John Kerry�s voice is starting to drive me crazy. Really, it echoes in my head when I see him. It�s that same �THIS COUNTRY NEEDS CHANGE� tone every time he is speaking somewhere.

Faggots listen to jass music. Japanese people listen to the sound of muthafuckas goin to Indo China and bustin a cap in yo ass.

I�m in love with this weather. To sleep when it�s 65 degrees out? Who would not want that? The ceiling fan I have, once the bane of my existence as it buzzed over the music I play when falling asleep has grown into a better friend than The Sandman could ever hope to be.

This guy at work, older gentleman, maybe 61 years old, although that might be mean as he might be younger. He was laid off from the same company Scanzilla works at after a million years or something. He works in the warehouse and as much as I don�t like to judge people I don�t know (LOL), he�s kind of simple minded. He�s like that nerdy fat uncle you have that makes jokes that aren�t funny, but you feel bad because he tries. EVERYFUCKINGTIME you walk by him he has to make a joke about work being hell. Often he�ll trap you and start talking to you and say �I told you I was laid off from Verizon right?� Him and his wife were evicted, and a week later he was laid off. Anyway, talking to this guy, who�s a genuine nice guy, and the other older Vietnam Vet who showed me shrapnel scars on his legs who just found out he has colon cancer, I realize I shouldn�t ever complain about anything. End of �rant�.

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