Oh Joy!
2004-07-14 || nig08g
Soundtrack � Blind Faith

Every fucking whore in the world will be lit on fire and thrown into the Euphrates. babies and tigers

I couldn�t go to work today. I�m not going to do anything. I am going to start actively looking for a new job soon I think. This isn�t cutting it. I need something that requires no brain power at all. I can�t stress how fucking much I hate a job where you sit down at a desk in front of a computer all day. I was actually looking into getting a job as one of those people that goes and cleans up after something bad happens. How do I get that job? I would assume you get paid a good amount of money as I highly doubt anyone would want to clean the blood and brains off of a wall, or the excrement off of the floor of someone who died. I would like to do this job. I would enjoy doing this job. Cleaning up the remains of an object. An object that has no soul anymore, just a dead body on the floor. This sounds intriguing as long as it�s not someone you know. Perhaps when I kill myself this November I will make sure I am mindful of the people coming to clean up and I will not

whatever, anyway

We may see Anchorman tonight.

kunthole faggits

What�s with the sudden popularity of people playing cards on TV? Could something be more boring than that ? I think I�d rather watch

I think I�ll go lay down for three or

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