Oh Joy!
2004-07-14 || they ate soup and thick smoke of mountains
Soundtrack � Captain Beefheart � Lick My Decals Off Baby

I just watched two consecutive Margaret Cho comedy specials. I think I�ve seen them all now.

So between today and yesterday at work, I did about an hour of the work I get paid to do. I can�t concentrate at all. I can�t really come up with a solution that doesn�t involve having to be prescribed some sort of prescription drug, which I have no desire to get involved in. I haven�t had marijuana in a week now I think, 5 or 6 days maybe. Anyway, since I stopped, this lack of ability to concentrate on one thing at a time is worse.

I just took a couple swigs of this bottle of red wine I have in here. That tastes good. Beer does not taste good. No beer tastes good. If I were alone for the rest of my life I would probably never drink beer again, as I only drink it when other people are and doing it, and even then it�s rare. I can�t believe that anyone could drink beer every night, and there are plenty of people that do. This is my impression of most people who drink beer

The timer on the stove keeps going off tonight. I was telling Jodie about this on the phone, I didn�t tell her that I swore I saw someone when I went out to shut it the third time though. Nobody would believe me if I told them how many people and animate objects I see on a daily basis that aren�t really there, but are. Anyway, every time I shut it, it comes back on. The guy that used to be out in the woods is probably in the house now. Shit.

I made this tonight

Paris Hilton is a disgusting whore of a woman who is not attractive in the least bit. I do not see the attraction. She was on TV doing something earlier tonight and I almost threw up when I saw her. I did the complete opposite of jerking off, which I guess would be�dipping your hand in a vat of boiling hot raccoon urine. I can�t imagine what goes through her mind on a daily basis. I wonder if she has ever gone a day without thinking about shoes?

The Puerto Rican woman knows my drink in the morning, even after not going in there for a couple of weeks. Them Puerto Rican women, they are the best. When I grow up I want to be a Puerto Rican woman. I already have the moustache. Seriously though, after walking around that Hispanic Fiesta in Philadelphia over the weekend and seeing how they carry themselves and dress it�s much better than women like Paris Hilton, etc.

�Iced coffee? Sure, that will be two-dollars�

I�m sick of hearing the words �george bush�

Union of the Snake has come up in Itunes now.

If you don�t like the song Motor Away by Guided By Voices, you should be killed and you know nothing about music.

Speaking of music, Saturday night was the first time I didn�t fall asleep with music on for the first time in probably ten years. Okay, I�m sure there were a couple of times here and there.

Could I be less exciting of a human being? How I�ve managed to fool people into being my friend, boyfriend throughout all these years is beyond me.

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