Oh Joy!
2004-06-28 || Gladys Knight and the Piss
Soundtrack � Guided By Voices � Hardcore UFOs

It pains me to check the messages over at the band�s Myspace account. Looking at all the fucking douchebags and their profiles and stupid surveys makes me despise strangers. I literally saw one the other day that was �What kind of hand bag are you?� I�m going to make one called �Which stage of HIV are you at?�

I didn�t leave the house yesterday, or during the day on Saturday. I can�t go out in the sun as I get blisters anywhere that skin is exposed. This only happens in June and part of July and then it goes away and I begin to tan more. Anyway, I have no real desire to be outside in the sun anyway, it just makes me tired and annoyed. Who wouldn�t want to be home all day with the ceiling fan on?

Friday night hung out with friends and smoked a large amount of marijuana. I think I went over this already though.

I need to get back to work, and you need to go cry over dead family members, ex-boyfriends, spilled milk, or what have you.

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