Oh Joy!
2004-06-24 || Let me tell you how much I fucking love The Spinners
Soundtrack � Stevie Wonder � Innervisions


So, on a more serious note, as opposed to the last entry, which was a joke the whole way through, it is fucking great out today! Although I would like to find a job closer to home.

I bought that new Wilco CD last night, for the most part it�s boring as hell. I�ve already heard it a number of times, but owning an actual copy of it didn�t make it any better. It�s kind of scary that the later period Aerosmith album, Done With Mirrors, which I also bought last night, is better than that Wilco album. Oh well. Bands have to make a shitty album at some point. Check with me in October when I buy it again and love it.

I�m about to start doing a ton of fucking work today. I need to get some shit done. No fucking around on the internet, no fucking around with personal phone calls, no obscene amount of cigarette breaks, no jerking off in the bathroom. Kill the paper work.

I actually was listening to something this morning in the car where they said �I got two turntables and John Coltrane�

They were discussing the new law passing to make flag burning illegal. Thank God. Not that I really give a fuck about the American flag, which I have tattooed on my arm, but most of the douche bags burning flags are doing it to get on the newspaper. I can find a million other things to do with freedom of speech than burning a flag. May I suggest going on the internet and making immature, stupid comments about Jews and fags?


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