Oh Joy!
2004-06-24 || Te cats
Soundtrack � Some DJ guy remixed some avant garde jazz shit

I�ve decided to introduce the word �nigger� into my vocabulary in this diary, so we should start seeing that show up a little more often over the next few weeks. The transitional period might be peppered with a few �colored person� references, but for the most part, �nigger� will be the word we are looking for. We started out with a quick �kike� reference the other day to get things started. Hopefully by the end of the summer words like �nigger�, �kike�, �spic�, jokes about breast cancer, rape, etc. will be more the norm. Please join us, it will be fun!

OMG LOL, some people can�t take a fucking joke. I fucking love black peoples, I ain�t about using the �n word�.

I got paid yesterday, I now have $20 to my name until July 7th. If the cheap big nosed Jesus killers didn�t run my company I wouldn�t be in this position. Seriously though�I need a new job. I am sick to death of this fucking job. There is not one tiny thing I like about this place. I despise coming here every morning. I get excited for the drive home from work every night. FUCKING HATE IT HERE. I really need a job doing something that does not involve sitting in front of a computer. It�s at the point where I believe computers are probably worse than television. I want a job where I�m standing on my feet for 9 hours lifting heavy shit and not having to deal with anyone. How people can put on a tie and sit in an air conditioned office and enjoy it is beyond me.

What�s with all the weddings I keep hearing about? Everyone I know is either getting married, going to a wedding, getting ready for a wedding, buying shit for a wedding, jerking off to some hot redhead in a wedding dress, the whole nine yards. Marriage baffles me. I guarantee every person I know that is married, or is getting married at some point in the next few years will be divorced and miserable in five years. What a waste of fucking time. Spending nights at department stores looking for fucking curtains, taking your wife to the clothing store. Hears hoping I am dead and buried in the next two years. I have no desire to do any of this shit, and I have no desire to live past age 36, seriously. My whole life has been a complete waste of fucking time. Thankfully I stopped exercising, I continue to smoke a pack and a half of cigarettes a day, I continue to smoke pot throughout the day, I drive recklessly, I drink about 8 cups of coffee a day, I�m close to 300 pounds, I eat fast food constantly and I don�t really give a shit if I die. How about you? Are you striving to live as long as you can because life is so amazingly awesome, and you can�t wait to get home to your husband or wife? That�s great for you, this is the road I want to go down though. Dead at 36. Watch me.

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