Oh Joy!
2004-06-23 || Jethro Tull at cunthosres party!
Soundtrack � Kunt fuck hole and the cockafuc

What kind of a fucky organization does the internet is? I try to set this new shit up but you can�t update it, and you can�t do anything because someone who works there is kuntholed. So I�ll be here. I�ve decided to make the new one public as well, once it�s set up I will put the new address here or something. I can�t take not being gold.

The Red Sox one.

Okay so I spent some time downloading and decoding some audio files and was flipping around the TV and a George Carlin stand up thing was on. After a while, he�s not that funny.

Yesterday, I made it from Albany, NY to Burlington, MA in exactly two and a half hours. This is funny because yesterday, your mother gave head to some guy she used to work with behind The Dress Barn.

I realized I somehow manage to go on vacation every couple of months, either for a week, two weeks, a weekend, a long weekend. I can�t imagine not traveling. I decided to drive to Baltimore in July rather than take a train that could be blown up by a religious zealot.

Imagine fucking Olympia Dukakis in the ass right around the time of Steel Magnolias? She was on fire around that time.

Some of my best friends are Jews. I see a number of homosexual men and women on a weekly basis and shake hands, etc.

I think I lied a while back when I said I had every single Yes record. Now I do, aside from the newer ones. I think I may start getting some of those though. I have every single record up to 90125 now. I was going to make a big Yes mp3 mix CD to play in the car, but I was short one record. I took care of that last night, and now that it�s close to 1:00 AM, I figure I�ll start working on it again.

Shit, this rocks.

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