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2004-06-23 || Tim helps you do things to them
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Let me tell you something, I�ll never go on Rt 128 in the morning again. I mean, granted I left work far too late, but then I sat in this traffic jam for far too long.

One of the members of the band was discussing going away by himself for a few days last night. More people should do this. How you can go away with another person more than once or twice a year is beyond me. I would go fucking crazy if I lived with a girlfriend, and then went away for a week with them. What is the purpose of this? The purpose for me anyway, is to be away from the normal routine I go through every day.

Oh, so getting back to the traffic. I hate fucking sitting in traffic. I fucking hate it. I would rather get married than sit in traffic. I would rather hug a Jewish person while a homosexual man tosses my salad than sit in 3 minutes of traffic. How people do it everyfuckingmorning is beyond me. And then the fuck kuntholes won�t let you in to the lane. It�s like �you�re not going anywhere, let me in the lane�. �No? Well fuck you, I hope your mother and wife die of SARS on Christmas Eve�. Black women can�t drive I�ve noticed. I love black women, more than white women actually, but they can�t fucking drive. Talk to the hand, cause the steering wheel ain�t listenin. Wait, how do you say


Today is pay day. I think I�ll buy that new Wilco CD,

Last night, I watched a Margaret Cho stand up thing for an hour and a half. I think she�s funny when she�s not just doing her mother for an hour. I wonder if the fact that I had Chinese food for dinner last night made me subconsciously into watching the whole thing?

Speaking of that Chinese food situation � On my way to practice last night I was starting to get high, I started coughing, and I ended up vomiting in an empty coffee cup. It was pretty rad how it epitomized my whole existence in one 2 minute period.

Wait, going away � Yeah, I like to go away and not do anything, see anything, talk to anyone I normally see, talk to, and do. Does that sentence make sen

How is the newer darker letters edition of this place?

Speaking of things that are �darker�, the black guy at my work who sells me shitty pot asked if I needed any this week. I told him I got some better shit over the weekend, and it would be a while. This stuff is miles better than what he gets, which usually has seeds in it, which is generally unacceptable at this point in the history of marijuana consumption. Anyway, he asked for a sample of it. I still have some of the shit he sold me last time, so I�m just going to repackage that, and give him his own shitty weed back. Continuing a long standing tradition of keeping the black man down, I am. Hey, I buy every John Coltrane and Miles Davis box set that comes out, that�s gotta be going to some black person.

FYI � I switched the line in paragraph 3 to read ��gets SARS�� from �gets breast cancer�, which I thought may be too offensive, and my grandmother had it, so I would not want to ever offend anyone. I always make a conscious effort to make sure I don�t offend anyone in this public website.

On the op

I mean - On the phone with the cell phone people - they make you think you OWE the money for the next month already. Why do that to me> I talked to Tim - he helped me out her.e

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