Oh Joy!
2004-06-22 || Get
Soundtrack � Frank Zappa � Weasels Ripped My Flesh

I�m setting up a new online diary/blog thing. This old place should be gone shortly. It�s highly doubtful that the new one will be given out to anyone I know, so yeah�

The weekend was too short. Went to upstate NY to see the first two shows of six I will see throughout the summer before bidding goodbye to a band that�s been part of my life for fourteen years now. It was a bit depressing seeing them play, and dealing with the whole atmosphere you deal with at these shows, knowing it would be over soon. Of course, some Jewish looking girl and her Jewish looking boyfriend had to make the second night that slight bit more annoying. I had a good time, and I realized tonight that I received a nice tan on my arms and face. It could be this new brown shirt. Brown shirt, heh.

My travel companion, I can�t really deal with her. She�s not intrusively annoying or anything, I just have nothing in common with her, and I believe that she isn�t all that smart. Anyway, she sold me some of her high grade marijuana, and gave me way more than the weight it was supposed to be, to which I didn�t say a word of course. I find it hard to keep conversations interesting when I�m with someone I don�t have anything in common with. This happens often though, what can you do?

Aside from the humbling musical experience I witnessed this weekend, I am growing so increasingly tired of music in all forms, listening to, going out to see, performing, selling, talking about, reading about, everything. I w

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