Oh Joy!
2004-06-17 || Wow, they let you in here. Jennifer Beeswax said you wouldn't
Soundtrack � Some gay fucking Simon and Garfunkel bullshit

It�s 2AM, I have to get up at 7:06AM, to prepare for that:

� I just downloaded ITunes for the first time, am trying to figure out how the hell it works

� Pack a bowl and get high

� Throw the CD of my band in there to see if it shows up on ITunes. Unfortunately, I can�t find my copy of the CD. Hilarity ensues as I sort through 3 of those spools of burned CD-Rs looking for it for 10 minutes. Yes, the CD is in there with the correct song titles, etc.

� Drink from this espresso iced beverage I got at 8:00 PM, bringing the total to 9 shots of espresso over a 17 hour period today (in the meantime, I remember last week when I figured out one day that I did not have a glass of water for 3 days or so, coffee and orange juice basically only. I forgot).

� File a number of Frank Zappa CDs back on the shelf.

� Pick up my copy of Talking Heads � Fear of Music and look at it to confirm the song Electric Guitar is on it.

� Go to Mapquest to figure out where the hotel is we�re staying in this weekend. Looks like it�s a little further away from the venue as I thought.

Okay enough of that.

I did something to my left wrist/hand in the last 24 hours or so. It may be from how I sleep, or how I type. This happens every few months with this same hand/wrist area.

Which cunt licking cockhole has my copy of Manhattan Murder Mystery on DVD? I lent it out and they stole it. I have absolutely no short or kind-of-long term memory at this point, you would think people who borrow from me would realize this and return shit. Maybe it fell behind a shelf or something, but I specifically remember handing it to another human being at one point. I�ve recounted the Woody Allen section of the DVDs a number of times in the last few days. I am going to start taking photographs of my room and then double check it against the actual room on a bi-weekly basis. Like one of those �What�s different about this picture?� games we all know and loved.

Adolf Hitler.

I lost two pounds somehow.

On the TV set the other night they showed a Red Sox game like on the TV, and I swore I saw that woman who used to work in our office I used to refer to as �that gigantic woman�. That weak ass Jewish woman was a piece of shit from the get go. Loud and obnoxious. She had a million speeding tickets. She would yell and scream at people when she was pissed off. She ended up getting fired for exactly that, screaming at this guy, calling him an �idiot�, etc. She was so smart that she forgot the window in the office was open, and one of the managers was outside smoking. I was a witness and was more than happy to throw my 2 cents in and get her fired. This was right after she had been evicted like a month before and was living on her sisters couch. I�m assuming she had a horribly shitty time after we fired her and perhaps reevaluated her life a little and stopped being an obnoxious woman with no chance of ever doing anything good. Fuck her and her satin Red Sox jacket.

I honestly think we should send criminals and homeless people to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight.

When I go through low income areas on my way home from work, the drivers automatically get shittier. The middle ground is the highway, as the more affluent areas are just as obnoxious.

I want to be here. I want to be with the dog in front of the fireplace. Overweight, I mean this might be my favorite picture I�ve ever seen in my life. Seriously, my ultimate goal in life is to be the guy in this picture, better looking and maybe 79 pounds lighter than him, but doing that. Showing the ball to the receptive dog. The dog looks and accepts that the ball exists. The fire burns. Everyone is warm, Evelyn is in the kitchen making those �shrimp things�. Later that night my cousin makes me suck his cock and makes me fucked up for the rest of my life like in real life too.

How much anal sex will be taking place at various renaissance fairs this summer?

�Don�t worry honey, minimum wage is a lot of money�

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