Oh Joy!
2004-06-15 || the cthulu does it doesn't it
Soundtrack � James Brown � Hell

I�ll say fuck Tom Hanks.

We had the sessual harassment seminars today. Shit was ill yo. Black coffee, cheesecake wit raisins up in it. What tha fuck is that mean? I ain�t tryin to have raisins in my muthafuckin cheesecake. I left lunch home for what I thought would be a phat lunch in that joint, but no. Fuck them muthafuckas. The session wasn�t as bad as I thought. It was run by one lady who had an awful sense of humor. I almost felt kind of bad for her. There were a few occasions during the sessual part of it I wondered if the lady had anal sex before, or like had some dude toss her greens up in the shower or some shit like that.

So far I got like 280 songs on the hard drive. I�ve been whatever that m who cares�?

I read of a mnisota

Oh yeah, so on Friday night I guess it was, we went over to an apartment to hang out. The roommate guy brought these two girls home with him, and one of them I knew years ago when she was much younger, and I was a little older than her. She offered to sell us �a totem pole�, which we soon learned was seven Klonopin. She then proceeded to crush one up or something and pour the powder into her Corona. She somehow messed up and put the equivalent of 7 in there or something. Anyway, much discussion about drugs, etc. Why are people that dumb? Some folks turn into a complete waste of time. Which wasn�t really a surprise.

You fuckd theem

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