Oh Joy!
2004-06-07 || you 8 times digga sucke
Soundtrack � Earth Wind and Fire � Head to the Sky

On Friday night, the night of the gig we played, I realized I urinated at 8:00 PM at my house, and then again at 3:30 AM. I never have to piss as much as most people do. I had a half of a beer, a coke, and two cups of coffee in this span of time.

The gig went pretty good, of course nobody was really there, so it doesn�t really matter anyway. I listened to the recording of the thing a couple times, 3 songs in 40 minutes, some good stuff, but I don�t need to hear it again really. I�ve decided to stop listening to the band, as you end up picking shit apart, which I want no part of. I�d rather it just be part of the past. Afterwards, I met up with Shawn and his girlfriend, sister, etc who had just ordered a pizza. I ate the pizza and we sat around telling different stories about being fucked up on drugs. It was fun. More fun than playing the actual show come to think of it.

I stayed up until close to 5AM on both weekend nights this weekend doing nothing in particular.

We are going to Philadelphia in July to see a Phillies game. See, I�m a jock, I�m flying to see a baseball game with the guys. I like that city, much better than Jew York which I have no desire to visit unless I�m flying an airplane into a building there.

I saw the Harry Potter movie on Saturday night and have absolutely no recollection of Gary Oldman being in the movie. I didn�t realize I slept through it that much.

Every single person in the world should be killed.

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