Oh Joy!
2004-05-21 || your shopping at the mall nowadays
Soundtrack � Archie Shepp - Four For Trane

I don�t feel like being at work today. I don�t feel like talking to anybody. I don�t feel like writing. I don�t feel like going home. I don�t feel like getting in the car. I don�t care about the

This job is worthless right now. I despise coming in here everyday and not doing any work. I want a job where I�m on my feet lifting shit. I think at the end of the summer I may try and get one of those overnight jobs at a supermarket putting shit on shelves. This way I can sleep in the day and never have to see anyone or talk to anyone. Jews are arrogant. Sitting in front of a computer might just be the worst possible thing a person could do. I have no idea why anyone would want to spend this much time in front of one. Regardless, I can�t work here for another year, unless they move me back to the warehouse.

Last night I thought about how exciting it would be to stab an elderly person to death.

Speaking of elderly people, every guy that I am friends or acquainted with is pussy whipped beyond comprehension. It�s kind of funny. The day that happens to me, I hope I get killed in a car accident.

How much shaved pussy are the guys in Hoobastank eating this year?

I�m sick of the music scene now too. Maybe I�m sick of having to call something a �scene�. Nobody is ever going to be that interested in our band at this point because we are not good looking. Women are shallow and only like music by guys they want to look at. Guys that go to clubs most likely fuck men in the ass behind closed doors, so they of course only want to see bands with guys they want to fuck in the ass and blow AIDS infected sperm into their anus holes.

Think how much easier it would be to fuck this kid in the ass without the legs.

Go get a hobby besides reading this please.

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