Oh Joy!
2004-05-17 || I hope they get pizza
Soundtrack � John Coltrane � Sun Ship

I haven�t left the room all day.

Last night I realized that when that douche bag at the party who was far beyond drunk shooting his mouth off and grabbing guys asses, etc. he left drunk and drove home. Normally, I would probably try and stop someone from doing that, well actually I probably wouldn�t. This idiot though, I could care less about what happened to him. I think my life would be exactly the same today if he had wrapped himself around a tree on his way home. There are far too many shitheads like that walking around. He was a closet gay which I picked out immediately when I walked in anyway. It�s best to let confused people do what they want.

Driving through Tennessee in the year 2000, I was in the city of Knoxville for a brief period of time. In the morning breakfast at that place with the scattered, smothered, and cummed on�Waffle House or whatever. The sky in at dawn there was like strawberries. Some tan and filthy homeless man asks me for a ride to Nashville, where I am going. I lie and tell him I�m going the other direction. A nice man he was for the brief few minutes I talked with him over coffee inside the place. Even if I�m out there by myself for a week straight with no contact from �back home� I can�t be bothered.

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