Oh Joy!
2004-05-16 || funk music, as performed by mental unicorn hunters from the moons of Szhazikuzahka-Ra
Soundtrack � Tom Waits � Closing Time

It�s 4:06 AM EST on a Sunday morning. I got in a while ago from hanging with some friends. . It was pretty fun, they are nice people, I haven�t been drinking much at all. Two beers tonight, one last night. Some guy slapped Shawn on the ass. I missed this as I was outside smoking. Said guy was drunk and obnoxious when we got there though. One main reason I don�t like going out much is because of running into guys like this. Completely drunk and obnoxious for a first impression. That�s ironic, as the first time I went to this apartment I drank too much and passed out in their driveway unable to drive my car or walk straight. Some folks do this every weekend. That was the last time I did that, and it was two or three years ago.

We finally have a new song I wrote the lyrics to a while back about living vicariously through other people and then resenting them. Blah blah blah, I hate writing lyrics. The song is about 7 minutes long, and the lyrics come in around 5:45 into the song. One verse.

I saw a coyote in the woods last week, not a fox necessarily.

Laides and bgentleman, The allmann brothe3 band! the offsprinkg in concerts!

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