Oh Joy!
2004-05-04 || catfish ticket to the experiment
Soundtrack � Cream � Wheels of Fire

I give up on people. Most of them are so fucking useless with themselves, I have no idea how they got jobs or into relationships.

It turns out I was correct in assuming that a certain band member in a band we played with 2 weeks ago is Jewish. I just saw his last name on a website, and I was correct. I figured this out because he was kind of arrogant and had a big nose.

In an effort to lose some weight, I�ve been not eating lunch at work anymore. Lately, it�s been a bagel at 9:10 AM, and then eating again at 7:35 PM when I get home. As long as I have coffee and cigarettes all day I feel fine. I�m getting used to it, it makes me pissy throughout the day, and I seem to get more work done. This could be a good thing for the job then.

Got some of my mail-order shit I ordered last week today. Hooray.

The weather just doesn�t know what to do with itself.

Nothing to see here, move along.

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