Oh Joy!
2004-05-01 || Tina Turner just put my guitar in her pussy
Soundtrack � Kansas is on my TV

3:30 AM, just in from the gig in Lowell. It went really well. Well, actually, it went well afterwards, the actual set we played was a little subdued. 4 songs in 30 minutes. The levels were a little off so I couldn�t get myself out of the key of E when we stretched out unfortunately. Birds chirp outside right now. Afterwards though, the other bands, aside from the one immediately after us were amazing, and great guys as well. It was fun talking to some other musicians doing something a little different. Danzilla and his sister showed up too, which was nice. We�re at the point now where we don�t want to count on friends coming to every single show, so it�s nice when a few show up here and there.

I feel slightly relieved we don�t have another gig for a few weeks now. I need to work on some new shit I have been working on. I need to relax a little too. High strung is an understatement. Stress and confusion cause temporary homophobia and anti-Semitism. It�s all in good fun though, some of my best friends are faggot Jew bastards.

ooh, Terry Jacks � Seasons in the Sun on VH-1 Classics right now�yet I still pack the drugs in the pipe at 3:41 AM. I have a headache from lack of caffeine after work. These times I have to go somewhere straight from work kill me.

Hey, I�m gonna go lay down and read Nelson Algren and go to sleep.

This Seasons in the Sun thing may be the worst song ever. Before I post this, let�s see what comes next. Hmm, a live version of Just the Way You Are.

We�re an Americna

okay � 55godine goodnight I mean(t)

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