Oh Joy!
2004-04-29 || Lake of 1000 Wind Kissed Unicorns in Typtheria
Soundtrack � Satyricon - Volcano

Why in the world would someone even like looking at huge fake tits?

I broke the chair at work.

It�s 2:09 AM.

We have a gig in Lowell, MA this Friday night.

This is sick fuckin metal.

This gentleman is in the rock group I happen to be listening to at this late hour. I�m scared.

Here he is with the other gentlemen in the band.

The first sentence in this entry is atrocious.

That My Space thing is full of fucking douche bags, men and women alike. What the fuck is happening?


chet walks up and asks evelyn if she wants to eat his pussy.

I think Nick Drake shouldn�t

I can�t believe Hubert Selby died yesterday. You�re always expecting to hear of the next project of an artist you admire. I always assume there is a Woody Allen movie coming out in the fall/winter. I assume Tom Wai

whatever I don�t want to discuss-

The black guy at work.com

This actually may be the best new CD I�ve bought in a while. Shit. THC maybe? Eh.

I could use that new Black Sabbath box set. I have them all, but what the fuck do you not understand about my life when it comes to these things I need to fill my shelf up for no other reason than to impress myself.

That was a great sentence as well.

How good are your sentences?

I have no idea how to divide numbers.

I can tell you now, Christopher Walken is done.

I have absolutely no idea how to play guitar, yet the attractive woman who opened our show and her boyfriend evidently said I was very good.

Frankie, get over here, I need to use the word �encapsulate�

�That one blow job session behind Kenny�s Clam Shack encapsulated everything that �summer with Laquisha� was about.�

It is now 2:31 AM. it somehow took me twenty-two minutes to write this, and 1 minute for you to read it and say �this guy is a fucking idiot�.

Look at this fucking dude! If this were my dog, I would call him Kevin. OMG LOL!! This is at a I I mean this too. Forget it. I mean. This took place in a time when a dog was a dog.

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