Oh Joy!
2004-04-23 || brookleny
Soundtrack � Some black guy with a microphone

Fcuk you ayou ass hole cunt fuick shit jseus chirst!

I hate my job this week. People out of the office, I�m doing the job of 4 people. How about 4 people do the

Let me see that pussy I�ve been hearing so much about

Who told you �bout my pussy?

Get it outta me!


We have the gig tomorrow night, and then next Friday. I feel like I haven�t sat down and relaxed for five minutes in the past month. I like being busy as a smoker. It makes me feel like

Here, put this big ass dick in your mouth fool

I don�t feel like doing anything this weekend. I have games and movies and TV show box sets and black people playing instruments and plenty of cigarettes, marijuana, Zoloft and Ritalin. FUCK YOU FUCKSINGT!

TH E NE W BLACK GUY ay brings the garbage pail around

Presumably smok the crack pype upon receipt of the paychek

I hate when other people are actually into Jesus.

So last night I could have done well with a fucking grenade launcher

The black guy with the garbage pail, overheard �yo, Loretta, you got a dollar I can borrow?�

I look forward to the barebeuce aor whatever it is next to the club for dinner before we play to 6 people and a floor. Big gigantic black women cook it.

Fuck you I�ll smoke heroin and blow the hits out into the face of a blind nun with an Ozark Mountain Daredevils t-shirt on!

Jackie blew five guys last weekend I heard.

I forgot to change my giuetar string again on the MAIN GUITYAR that I play. I have the backup Epiehaopne, but. Oh, okay, you want me to lick your pussy until you can�t

In Utah, it�s believed that Jerry Garcia had it or

How many fucking cuntfuckers assohle can get killed please.

This weekend for $20 do

before & after