Oh Joy!
2004-04-22 || The newest Pat Metheney release
Soundtrack � Ozzy Osbourne � Fuck my daughter in the mouth

I saw Kill Bill the new one last night. Pretty good stuff. I can�t wait to see both of them back to back. She gives Bill the Five Point Hand of Death thing at the end of the movie to kill him which on the surface seems kind of anti-climactic, but I thought it was great. Whoops, post-spoiler alert. Sorry.

When I saw that Michel Gondry movie on Monday with Jodie there was a woman behind us that wanted to see Johnson Family Vacation. She was saying �I want to see that Chocolate Family movie�, which then evolved into �I want to see that one, ummm�Chocolate Factory.� Now, the movie �Johnson Family Vacation� is about a black family traveling. This woman, SOMEHOW thought it was called �Chocolate Factory�. Me being high on marijuana thought this was very funny. I was going to turn around and tell her it was playing �downtown� but I didn�t.

I really hate when people leave a message with a name and phone but don�t tell me what they want.

I�ve been known to hate people who mistake black people for �chocolate� as well.

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