Oh Joy!
2004-04-07 || How's the sky for you?
Soundtrack � David Bowie � Singles

It�s a little sunny out today. My moods, as I can tell when I painfully re-read some of the crap that comes out of my fingers, swing with the weather. I�m more likely to say certain races or sexualities are bad when it�s been raining for three days. I should make a chart.

I may go to the movies this evening, or rather, I will most likely go. I have some free passes that were presumably stolen. They�re not marked with any sort of ID number, so it should work. Even so, what are they going to do, arrest me for wanting to sit in an uncomfortable seat for two hours? They should pay you money when you go to the movies. Considering they force commercials down your throat before the far-too-revealing previews, it�s a given.

We have another gig at the end of the month. I always look forward to the gigs.

I spent the last few minutes cleaning up spam e-mail. I mean really, there is no reason why we shouldn�t kidnap the owners of these company�s family members and take them to a cave where they are raped repeatedly until their vaginas and assholes are so stretched out and numb they can�t go to the bathroom for the rest of their lives. Let�s do this. Who�s got some phone numbers and addresses of these people? I�ll do it. Me and some dudes.

Imagine spending every waking moment of your life with a significant other? I try and contemplate this �happily-ever-after� thing from time to time, and I rejoice in the fact that I�m not that weak that I need someone by my side for life. Anyone who tells you they are truly happy they�ve made the decisions they�ve made with their �final relationship� is full of shit. If every girl and guy I talked to didn�t want to fuck every thing walking down the street I would believe it, but it�s not the case. Everyone settles for the best available at the time. How fucking pathetic.

I�m not sure this �putting out fire with gasoline� song has aged well. �Under Pressure� has though.

Dude, it�s 3:11.

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