Oh Joy!
2004-04-06 || the history of pussy licking
Soundtrack � Funkadelic � Maggot Brain

Today was a long day that is still dragging at this hour. Some of the events that took place today:

� Cooked some meat for dinner I thought may have been a bit too old. Four hours later my stomach is saying �yes, it was bad�.

� I tried to make sense of the last episode of The Prisoner for the second time.

� I found two discs from that country swing box set I forgot I owned.

� The efforts of 98% of people I am either friends with, family of, or work with in the grammar/spelling department enraged me so much at one point I considered having a form letter to bounce e-mails back �unread due to lack of attention to detail on your part�.

� I did about 35 minutes worth of work today in 9 hours.

� Had one 20 oz coffee, four shots of espresso.

� �Fixed� the stereo of my neighbors by pushing that red switch on the power strip.

� Played guitar for about 45 seconds.

� Contemplated doing my taxes. Discarded an IRS letter asking for money for 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002.

� Finished �A� in the dictionary finally.

� �Fixed� my Miles Davis section by reorganizing it back to �by label� instead of �chronological� after having an argument with myself about the actual dates of some of the fusion stuff (�recorded� vs �street date� becomes a blur with some of that era).

� Contemplated doing this with Charles Mingus until I realized I am criminally uneducated in the world of Mingus, the poorly written �Beneath the Underdog� didn�t really help matters.

� Ate one of those cup-of-noodles things for lunch yet again.

� Contemplated reorganizing your soaking wet pu-pu platter. I miss Chinese food. It�s been a month or so I think. Maybe one meal since Jodie and I had that good food in Maryland. I like that it only takes an hour or so to fly here from Baltimore. I could have her pick me up Chinese food at that place and bring it here and it would still be slightly warm. One of my favorite Chinese food stories actually involves Italian food. I have a slight stomach ache, and a cigarette hanging from my mouth so I will refrain from discussing it here. However, my second favorite Chinese food story takes place in Maryland of all places as well. So it�s the early afternoon on a brisk Sunday in December and I have a drive to Boston ahead of me. My friend and I decide to get some Chinese food at this Chinese restaurant of all places. We are high on marijuana as we enter the palace of Chinese food goodness. One thing I love about going to a nice Chinese restaurant is that you feel like you are in a fucking actual palace. People overlook this huge part of the Chinese food eating experience because Americans are fat and lethargic and just want to eat shitty fried foods and watch TV AND FUCK GEORGE BUSH AND THOSE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION THAT AREN�T THERE!!! THEY�RE JUST NOT THERE YOU FUCKING DIMWIT, AND YOU WILL BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE YOU STINKING PUDDLE OF OX PISS!!! FUCK THIS, I�M NOT TELLING THIS STORY, YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL ZOMBIES!!!!

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