Oh Joy!
2004-04-02 || your fuckhole
Soundtrack � Miles Davis � On the Corner

It seems every day now at least two or three people piss me off in the car. Most of them women, other times it�s Hispanics. Unless you live anywhere else but Salem, MA you would probably notice that there is a high number of Hispanic people on welfare, yet they feel the need to have baby after baby, and spend my tax money on expensive cars. I�ve come up with an invention though. This invention will stop them from sucking the state dry in no time. It�s called the Hispanicerectomy. It�s a mandatory hysterectomy for Hispanic women. Once a Hispanic female turns thirteen years old, she will have this operation done, and then be forced into a work camp to learn the difference between the terms �super size� and �regular size�; this way when she gets her inevitable job at McDonalds she will be able to serve fat disgusting white assholes like myself in a clear and concise manner.

I really do not fucking like religious people. In fact, I think if I had one wish, it would be to take every single person that goes to church on a regular basis and put them all in a series of football stadiums, and then fill the stadiums up with cement. Now I have these religious people spamming me about a book on the Mel Gibson movie, bibles, all sorts of shit. Last night I wrote back saying I would shit in a bible and send it to them. I actually did this once. I threw a bible in a toilet, took a picture of it, then shit on it and took another picture. I should find those and put them up on here. This took place in a hotel room in Pennsylvania years ago. If I had the chance, I would take shit right on the face of Jesus Christ�s rotting corpse.

How about this rain in Massachusetts? Damn nigga! Dis shit is wet yo! I feel like axing the weatherman when dis shit gon stop, but I know he ain�t gon tell me nothin I wanna hear yo.

I fucking HATE when people slurp when they eat. That has to be the most disgusting thing next to belching. I hate when people belch also. People that belch in front of other people should be beaten to death with a frozen cheese steak.

Last night I watched the movie on song poems. Shit that was good. Some of it I had to turn away from the TV set for cause it was painful. The father and son was mainly the one I couldn�t watch when they did their little �tour�. I kind of want to do one now. If I can find a place cheap enough to do it.

Right now I�m putting together a spread sheet to monitor employees better. Later, I will put a spread sheet together to monitor your soaking wet pussy. Go fuck yourself.

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