Oh Joy!
2004-03-31 || I hate faggots
Soundtrack � Some CD someone else put on with a guitar player. Link Wray maybe? I don�t know.

Today the weather is just like I like my women, cold and wet.

I was able to squeeze some shit out of the guitar finally. Haven�t been able to write a damn word down on a piece of paper worth reading in weeks now. I can come here and act racist and homophobic when I want to though. It�s always fun. Just think, the dozen or so people who took me off of their favorites on days when I was particularly offensive never got to read about me saying I act out. You�re missing this right now you fucking black jew cuntfucking faggots!

Seriously though. I�m sick of this weather, not because I hate the cold, but because I fucking love the heat. I realized I went most of the winter without wearing a jacket or gloves.

When is the last time.

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