Oh Joy!
2004-03-18 || jim, come here for a minute
Soundtrack � Soundgarden � Louder Than Love

Okay, now I�m awake. I felt a bit exhausted from the gig last night. It went over well I guess; we only pulled in a few people. The strangers in the crowd liked us though, and I got a number of comments that I sound like �two guitar players� which is a nice feeling. I don�t really expect any of our friends to come see us anymore at this point if it�s not within 2 miles and warm out. Some guy bought all of our shit, and talked to us for a bit and it turns out he has a studio and would like to record us for free, or �some beer�. So hopefully we�ll get that going next. Even more bizarre was the guy I met that I�ve been talking to on this message board from a new band. I�ve seen some dark pictures of the band on there and for some reason thought he was this shorter white guy with long hair and wire rim glasses. Turns out he is a tall black man with dreadlocks and no glasses. Very cool guy. First black guy I�ve ever met that could name drop Shudder to Think and Hum in ten minutes. Black people are awesome!

I�ve been bugging Jodie about her grammar and spelling all morning�in a joking manner. However, grammar and spelling mistakes irk me to no end. It amazes me that I am a bad writer, yet half of the people I know can�t spell, or use punctuation for the life of them. See, daily drug use can be positive. I at least put a little effort into it. Here is a little word of advice for everyone: Buy Strunk and White�s The Elements of Style, it a small book that will help. The White is EB White, of Charlotte�s Web fame, so you know it�s got to be good. After that, keep a dictionary in the bathroom, start at �A�, go from there.

How many people in here like to drink margaritas?!?!!

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