Oh Joy!
2004-03-04 || Ships filled with raisin
Soundtrack � Tom Waits � Heart Attack and Vine

This is the one with Jersey Girl. Rod Stewart. Oh, no he did Downtown Train. I was half asleep with the TV on in the bed. I came over here to the desk and I am wide awake.

Chevy Chase doesn�t really deserve the recognition of say�Steve Guttenberg. Just because he was on SNL, and Caddyshack and Fletch doesn�t stand up to me. Fuck you if you don�t disagree. If you don�t think that Steve Guttenberg is better than Chevy Chase like I do, you are wrong at everything you do. I hope your lover cheats on you.

We got another gig, this time in Salem again. June. Plenty of time to promote that one. As much as I love playing out anywhere, the Salem ones are always best. Perhaps because the drive home is always quick.

I usually skip over that In Shades instrumental song-actually�so tonight I went to the CD shop and bought a Thelonious Monk DVD for $5.99. Then these two Tom Waits CDs. The one I�m listening to and Blue Valentine. Obviously, any asshole that has a tiny bit of taste, would have these two records right? (the reason I mention Chevy Chase is this movie with that black guy Gregory Hines selling weapons of mass destruction is on). Months ago I read they were reissuing the Waits Warner Brothers records. So I sold the ones that weren�t scratched. Waited. Waited. Nothing. Long story short. I decided at 8:08 PM EST (I checked a clock) tonight that I needed to make one of these mp3 CDs I�ve been making. With this mp3 disc playing stereo in the car, I can make CDs such as �104 Pantera songs�, �75 Miles Davis songs that have no tenor sax player involved�, �Black people, 130 songs they�ve sung�, and of course my favorite �The Best of Both Worlds: 40 songs by Skrewdriver and 40 songs by Gil Scott Heron�. (Gil Scott Heron was one of the first rappers one could argue. A direct influence to folks like Tribe Called Quest, Common, Public Enemy [his biggest hit was �The Revolution Will Not Be Televised�], and any other politically charged �serious� rap artists. It�s ironic that such an aggressive, street smart serious artist he was, his birthday was on April Fools Day. So having a mix CD of Skrewdriver and Gil Scott Heron would be funny right? If I made a disc called �The Best of Both Worlds: 40 songs by Skrewdriver and 40 songs by Al Green� it wouldn�t really be that funny, as Al Green sang about women, while Gil Scott Heron had songs like �Whitey on the Moon�, �Winter in America� {I never realized that Skrewdriver has that song �When the Storm Breaks�, which is basically a metaphor for black people, or �dark clouds�, while Heron has this �Winter in America�, an obvious reference to the amount of white people in this country in the 70�s}, �The Get Out of The Ghetto Blues�, �Let Me See Your I.D�, etc. LET ME SEE YOUR I.D! This guy was obviously singing about shit that could happen on a daily basis to a black man in America in the 70�s, while Skrewdriver was singing about this alleged Zionist conspiracy, and the fact that Pakis took the white mans jobs away in England. Whatever dude. Listening to Skrewdriver is no different than listening to any hip-hop that is hateful towards women, bitches, etc. If you take it serious, you have a problem. Just as fun as it is to sing Wu Tang Clan lyrics like �Like getting smashed by a cinder block

Blaow! Now it's all over

Niggaz seeing pink hearts, yellow moons

orange stars and green clovers�, It�s also fun to sing along with �They come into this country from the jungles and from trees, the traitors in the Parliament give them the better deal��. It�s all ridiculous, and I can�t take it serious. The reason I�m telling you who Gil Scott Heron is, is because you didn�t know who he was {unless you�re from New Jersey and work at Rutgers, you probably knew}). So I decided I should probably buy the two Waits CDs, and then I could make the disc tonight. I�ll have all the Tom Waits CDs now. I get home, and realize I don�t have Closing Time anymore either. WTF? How could you make a Tom Waits CD and not have �Martha�, �I Hope That I Don�t Fall In Love With You�, and every other song on there. I will end this personal embarrassment tomorrow at lunch.

For some reason I decided I needed to buy the remastered version of Yes � Tormato tonight too. It�s actually not that bad. I�ll probably end up with all of them, 90125, Drama, Going For The One, just to complete the collection. Imagine how much people would love me then? Fuck.

Yeaaah boy, you know it!


Fuckin bling bling! Yes reissues, What? What?

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