Oh Joy!
2004-03-03 || Babysitter's Club - Claudia and the Light House Ghost
Soundtrack � Vivaldi � Frankie Valley and the Four Seasons

Kind of

Live in CONSERTS Jackie McLean, John Coltrane, Teddy Wilson, and the last guy who ate Jill Clayburgh�s famous Mexican fiesta. I saw this in a book me and Timmy rented one year. Oh boy you should have seen big Tim�s face when they brought that book out to the picnic table. It was like the scene in that movie with the black guy, the haddock dinner and the lottery commission. You saw the movie. You remember that scene with the little kid? That was like Tim�s face when they brought that drug induced spiraled unicorn filled universe of galaxies so far away that God can�t even see them with high powered binoculars. You know, like a good high powered pair of binoculars. The ones they sell in the uniform store. The store they sell equipment. Lots of camouflage for the men, and lots of hot rock hard cock candy for the ladies behind the counter. I think that guy has a bead of sweat on his thin moustache from looking at you. It�s obvious you should have worn red today. Good job. Outside after work. Well, later in the day. Work seems to end around�11:30 AM for me. I then spend the next 7 hours waiting to go home. Room filled with films rock critics wouldn�t understand, books that I don�t understand. I go outside. It�s warm, all day it was. It�s grey out there. Big grey sky up in the air. I look up and see the face of Roger Daltrey telling me to murder my favorite author. He tells me to wait until I see a coyote, not by spreading rumors like the local newspaper. I saw one two weeks ago Roger. William Faulkner is going to have his dead fucking body dug up. I will reanimate him with electronic DNA that was taken from Robert Fripp, and then kill him with a gigantic hunk of polka-dotted metal.

Overheard at the bus station, March 20th, 1992:

�I�ll sleep, you watch me�

�A piano, that�s all it is�

�Three-hundred fucking dollars, let�s get the fuck out of here Mikey�

�She moved to Tempe last Memorial Day�


Here is a group of men named Ted. Please let me know what I should do about these men named Ted.

This one coming up is my favorite. He�s looking over there at some shit happening. Ted, what the fuck are you looking at? What's going on over there? Who told you 'bout my pussy? YOU GO TED!!! GIRLFRIEND!

Now go into the violin solo! This classical cosnerts is awesome at night toinght!!

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