Oh Joy!
2004-02-26 || stank you very munchies
The Police � Box set

I have a slight headache today. I think the stress of a traffic jam that lead to me going 100 yards in 30 minutes may have been a key player in this. Perhaps I have a brain tumor, I seem to have a headache every other day.

I can�t, or rather can believe that Clear Channel took Howard Stern off the air. Those people are such fucking cunts. It�s perfectly okay for them to support record labels that put out garbage that is demeaning to women and endorses killing cops, etc. Not that any of this thing bothers me, as it�s all crap that I don�t really consider art anyway, the majority of shit by people like Nas, Xzibit, and whatever the other skillets are recording nowadays. Although I don�t think it was that big a deal, I can see a little bit why they thought the Janet Jackson incident was a big deal, as there were millions of families that aren�t into that kind of thing watching it. How many �decent� folks and children are listening to Howard Stern in the morning though?

I�ve decided to go see The Passion of The Christ ala the guy in Cape Fear and sit in the front row laughing my ass off every time The Christ is hurt. From what I understand, I�ll be doing a good amount of laughing.

So right now the big things in the news are: that movie, gay marriage, and Howard Stern. Three things I love talking about: gay people, Christians and Jews, and toilet humor. What an exciting time it is to be alive. I think I may vote for Lyndon LaRouche, either him or Ralph Nader. Fuck John Kerry. He�s against gay marriage, did you know that?

I feel like I have a hangover right now. The last time I had any alcohol was on January 24th though.

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