Oh Joy!
2004-02-25 || ho4 forteen how is it spel7
Soundtrack � Zyklon � Aeon

Let me just say that unions are no good. I terminated this long time employee two days before Christmas, and of course a grievance was filed. Now today, we get a letter from their lawyer requesting all of this information. Thankfully, I keep files on every little thing that my employees do. I�m now sitting her going back to 2002 putting together a spreadsheet of all the shit she did wrong. What the fuck. She�s already wasted enough of our time, and her personnel file is thicker than Shaquille O�Neal�s rock hard fuck stick.

It�s a bit warm here today, and without the splitting headache of yesterday, productivity at work is top notch, and emotional rollercoaster rides are kept to a minimum today.

Some questions to ponder on my way home tonight:

� How many times did Michael Douglas get his dick sucked on/off the set of The China Syndrome?

� Should I start trying to fill out my Bud Powell catalog again, after the project was put on indefinite hiatus early last year?

� Should I take weights off of the barbell and start lighter? Curling 80lbs in 5 reps of 10 is rough on the forearms.

� How many women are walking around LA right now with BEC (Business Executive Cum) in their stomachs?

� Should I let my hair grow longer? It�s now at about the length my penis is when I get out of the shower/pool.

� Should I see The Passion of Anna before I see The Passion of the Christ?

� Should women be allowed to vote in the upcoming election? How can being good at cooking/cleaning/complaining be good for someone trying to elect the leader of our country?

� Should I steer my car into that colored guy with the Wu-Wear jacket on?

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