Oh Joy!
2004-02-23 || why would you say these potatos! potatoes! i meant
Soundtrack � Richard Thompson � Small Town Romance

Back from the weekend trip to see Jodie. We went to Washington DC and saw some of the Smithsonian museums, some rally of Taiwanese people on the mall, and more black people than you can shake a stick at. I flew both ways and it was a test of patience yesterday with delays, not having an empty seat next to me, and not having the correct music with me. The trip was far too short though, I wish I could have stayed a few more days. She�s too nice to an asshole like me!

We finally watched the news yesterday morning before I left. They didn�t mention the capture of Osama Bin Laden, as AlJazeera.net is reporting. I�m sure it will be all over the news shortly. The other thing is the Democrats whining about Ralph Nader running again. I�ve decided I�m not even going to vote in this thing anyway. I don�t follow politics enough, and most of the issues that are big issues for people (gay marriage, abortion, military, gun laws, health care, immigration, etc) I could care less about. Why would I care if gay people want to get married? I�m still going to think gay men are annoying people.

Speaking of pulling your rock hard cock out of a mans asshole and spraying hot salty screw juice all over their face, we went into a bagel place Saturday called Einstein Bros. Bagel and the line was held up by two rude holier than thou well dressed gay men. Neither ordered a bagel covered hot dog surprisingly.

At one point, in a bookstore of all places, we saw a man in a leather vest with an American flag on the back and a pony tail that was in this leather �ponytail� sleeve thingy. What the fuck?

It is way too fucking loud in here today. I hate when I come in on Monday, my favorite day of work, and everyone is talking and moving shit around, etc. I�m the boss here, so I guess I could just say �shut up please� to the office.

I guess you could eat my fuc.

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