Oh Joy!
2004-02-19 || Now with mentholyptus
Soundtrack � Mutantes

The sun is out up in this piece today. I wasn�t really up as late as I usually am last night. Or wait, was I? I can�t remember. I decided I am going to sneak a weapon of mass destruction on the airplane tonight. It�s called �Pantera � A Vulgar Display of Power, on CD�. Fuck this joint is tight yo! The ill ass beats that nigga lays down on the double kick drum is enough to rattle your grill from here to White Plains yo. Shit is ill. Mad riffs up on that record and shit.

I got a joint twisted up for the drive to the airport so I can get my high on before I set down in the steel bird to B-Town Maryland. I�ll probably have a couple of cocktails on the way too. You know how I roll.

I�m representin� with my Patriots hat today. I want all the niggas up in Baltimore to know who the champs are yo. Most mutha fuckas don�t know that they shouldn�t hate the playa, they gotta hate the game. Any nigga wit half a brain in their dome knows this shit. In other words �STEP OFF!�. We fo real up in Beantown yo.

I really like art films.

�I�ll have the parmesan and whiskey soaked steak tips with a side of garlic and chocolate chip mashed potatoes�and�ummm�let me get a diet root beer with that.�

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