Oh Joy!
2004-02-18 || disconnect your pen(i)s
Soundtrack � David Bowie � Low

Are you wearing panties right now?

So I just ate some food that made me feel a bit ill. Actually, the more exciting thing that happened today was they woman in Dunkin Donuts (Elizabeth, of �Elizabeth� pts 1-5 fame) made my coffee while I waited in line and I didn�t have to say what I wanted, and she wasn�t even waiting on me. So I�m a regular there now. This is like getting your dick sucked by the madam at a house of ill repute! OMG!

Here are some reasons I am a complete loser:

� Started smoking marijuana at 13, have not stopped really. Smoking almost every day for about 5 years now.

� Parents were on drugs, didn�t pay much attention to me, when they did, they were on drugs anyway!

� An older man showed me how to suck cock as a young boy.

� My ADHD is so bad at this point that I probably do about 2 hours of work in a 9-hour work day. I put important bills off until they send me warning letters.

� I gamble all the time

Last night the Queer Eye for The Straight Guys were on the TV show with that redhead guy hosting. What�s his name again? Conan The O�Brien Insult Dogs or something. He�s pretty funny sometimes. Those guys sucked though. I hope they all get killed in a helicopter crash somewhere near Norman, Oklahoma. Who are they to say what is cool or not? Any guy who watches this show should also be killed in helicopter accidents that hurt cute puppies! What is it then? Go fuck yourself with gay eye for the fashion show on the Bravo tv show.

I love onion soup, French film, and Jodie.

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