Oh Joy!
2004-02-17 || all of the y's in the word yak
Soundtrack � Skrewdriver � All Skrewed Up

So the systems are down here yet again today. What the fucking Christ? Last night I watched two movies, Attack of the Puppet People, and The Pianist, the former being the better. The Pianist may be the biggest piece of shit I�ve seen in a while. How anyone can sit through this garbage is beyond my comprehension. I had to shut it off and jerk off instead. This movie made Amelie seem like a good movie. Only homoerotic men, or men who are pussy-whipped should enjoy this kind of shit. I call this whole genre �movies to hug your girlfriend to�.

I really don�t enjoy

� Loud television sets

� People that talk a lot

� Teenagers

� The skinny chick at the coffee shop with the big nose

� Movies to hug your girlfriend to

I�m going to fly on the airplane on Thursday, and then again on Sunday to visit Jodie. I have been in so many airports since I met her it�s not even funny. I quite enjoy the airport, it�s sort of like doing heroin, you wonder if you might die shortly, that kind of thing. I now view people with a fear of flying in a whole new light after getting over it the last few years. It�s ironic that most of the people I know that don�t want to fly are generally shitty drivers. What?

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