Oh Joy!
2004-02-16 || Outside of the 6's
Soundtrack � VoiVod � Dimension Hatross

So far this morning nothing exciting has happened. I�m one of the people that actually enjoy Monday mornings. Yesterday I only breathed the air in my room. I got my self-review done, played guitar, wrote lyrics for 4 songs, watched that film on Shane McGowan, also Once Upon a Time in The West.

Regardless if I vote for John Kerry as a vote against Bush (I�m registered as a Republican, so I would need to change that) there is no possible way he is going to beat Bush. He�s too much of someone who changes with the weather on positions and he�s too anti-war. Bush just lies. Who doesn�t lie?

Maybe Bush would help change the fact that the Hispanic woman cannot understand my order at the coffee shop too.

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