Oh Joy!
2004-02-13 || Chicken tickets
Soundtrack � Bauhaus � Swing the Heartache

There is a temp in here working on our computer systems that looks a bit like John Holmes. I wonder if he�s packing as much stick as Holmes did?

I hate:

� Loud television sets

� Tomatoes

I saw the film the other night where you get to see Meg Ryan�s tits and vagina. The movie was pretty good. I saw an ad for the new Dawn of the Dead coming out, it looks pretty good, and is timed right as Dawn of the Dead is the one Romero used themes of how consumer obsessed our society is. I think the Vietnam allegory Night of the Living Dead would work better with the current situation in Iraq though! I�ll probably end up waiting to see it on DVD.

Today I have to write a self-evaluation as part of the performance review process here. I think I would rather fuck my dad than do this.

This whole gay marriage thing is really brewing up here in Massachusetts. If I were a black person I would be pretty pissed that these folks are comparing their plight to the civil rights movement. What a bunch of tools.

This weekend will be as boring as you are as a person to talk to. Think about it. Do you have anything interesting to say�ever? Didn�t think so.

On Friday the 13th, the day before Valentines Day I realized one thing about my relationship with Jodie. We have never had an argument. Ever. Jealous? Although I'm not stubborn, selfish and immature like every other person around here.

In an unintended act of irony I just ate a Garlic bagel while listening to this Bauhuas CD. Hey oh!

Thanks, I�ll be here all week...Come on, you know I�m years ahead of you in the comedy department.

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