Oh Joy!
2004-01-25 || 3u fortunately john coltrane left the kitchen 3u
Soundtrack � Richard Thompson � Watching the Dark

What a great night we had last night at the gig. We had a great turnout of people there to see us, the most I�ve seen at one of our gigs, we made over $100 in CD sales and from the booking agent, who looks like a shorter version of Dustin Hoffman. In my opinion it was the best we�ve played as the three-piece yet. It�s amazing how much energy can get worked up if there are people there and into it. Thinking back to our last gig when we played to nobody and played horribly, I realized I can�t play those gigs where nobody is into it. Regardless, I�ve never been that into a gig ever, it was that fun.

I got to hang out with the guy Ken from the band before us. He was in a pretty popular Boston band in the late 80�s that I became friends with back then. We got high in their van last night and I played him our CD and he seemed to dig it, although I noticed he wasn�t really there when we played and didn�t make a positive, or negative comment after just. �Okay, see you later� or something like that. Also, my old best friend who actually taught me how to play guitar was there randomly, and I noticed him there the whole time looking like he enjoyed it. The only thing I don�t really like about playing gigs that are crowded is I don�t really talk to anyone much as I�m always thinking of the set. I hope I didn�t offend any friends if I seemed like I was ignoring them. Ken, from the band we have played a few gig with now, and who�s an old friend said he dug it, and was able to pay attention more as he wasn�t playing the same night. I know what he�s saying, I can�t pay attention to bands we�re playing with as much. Especially if I need to get high before we go on. Or rather, want to.

Anyway, if you were one of the folks that was there Saturday night, thanks for coming, and we�ll hopefully be playing there in April. The rest of this winter is going to be spent writing more, and trying to get better at whatever it is we do.

Tonight, I made some steak tips over lettuce and feta cheese. Now, coffee is brewing, and cigarettes are a plenty.

How�s your uncle doing?

I�m going to watch Claude Chabrol�s La Rapture tonight.

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