Oh Joy!
2004-01-22 || incesticles
Soundtrack � Company Flow � Funcrusher Plus

I�ve come up with a new product for women who have itchiness in their vagina, and need a little madcap zaniness to ensue. It�s called Vagisilly String.


My foot feels a bit better today. I think with the way I sit in chairs, I was making it worse. It feels much better today though. Thank you Jesus for the blessing you gave me, and thanks for the hand job you gave me last night too! I love you Jesus Christ. You�re like�so awesome and shit like you know?

A very brief shopping experience last night turned up 3 new AC/DC CDs I NEEDED, and a conversation with some of the folks working at the record store. They made top ten lists of their favorite records from 2003, and I realized I made one recently, but it was real hard. I think film is taking more of a prominent role in my life as far as entertaining myself. I have so much great music at home, new shit comes out and I�m rarely impressed. Jaded? Eh? Listening to too much right wing talk shows on the radio on my way home from work too. It�s funny for a minute to see how fucking lame these assholes are, but after a while you realize how fucked they are.

John Kerry, too bizarre looking to be a president? We need a motherfucker like James Buchanan back in there. The only single president we�ve had (I think he was gay myself). What a fancy dresser he was! Hey!

Attention Deficit Disorder + marijuana + espresso =

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