Oh Joy!
2004-01-21 || 455445 your foot and women 455445
Soundtrack � Boston � s/t

My foot hurts, the left one that is. I twisted it loading out of that shitty gig a couple weeks back, and then last week I stepped on a plug jack and did the same thing. Now it hurts, and I am limping. I kind of enjoy the limping though; it goes good with the grey on my temples. I give it another week and if it still hurts I�ll go to a doctor.

Speaking of gigs, we have the one in Salem this weekend that I am excited about. We always seem to play well in the area, and we get a good crowd. Hopefully it won�t be too cold, and folks will come out. Also, hopefully I can find some drugs before then.

How much pussy did the guys in Whitesnake collectively eat in the year 1987?

Today, a new Zappa DVD comes out, well, an old performance, but new on DVD, as well as some other shit. I�ve been buying far too many DVDs lately. Jodie recognized this and bought me the Curb Your Enthusiasm box set, which was a sweet thing for her to do. I bet your girlfriend wouldn�t do that. That�s because your girlfriend is a fucking whore.

I kind of wish it would get a little warmer out just to see if that�s what�s happening to the foot.

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