Oh Joy!
2004-01-16 || Fagore Pt 3
Soundtrack - the Animals

The communication skills of the average person are awful at this point in my life. Not that I'm that surprised.

It's cold out, but once it's under 20 degrees or so I don't see any difference between 5 degrees, 1 degree, negative 7 degrees. It's just cold out. A great time to be homeless indeed!

With that said, tonight I am going to buy 3 packs of cigarettes on the way home, and not leave until tomorrow afternoon or whenever I need to. I can't see anything I NEED to do in the next three or four days besides jerk off, smoke cigarettes, drink wine and watch movies.

I once met a guy named Bill, at the end of the meeting he said "My name's Bill, just remember me as 'dollar Bill'" and he holds up a dollar bill. What the fuck? This was in the warm summer of 1989.

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