Oh Joy!
2004-01-14 || my penis in 2002
Soundtrack � Katrina and The Waves � Walking on Sunshine (on repeat for the rest of the day)

So yesterday morning while waiting in line to get some coffee, a woman in front of me was with her son who would not stand still touching everything, yelling, etc. Something you don�t want to deal with at 8:43AM EST. As she was walking out I noticed she left her keys, I went over and gave the keys to her.

This morning, I�m walking in and I see the same woman walking in, in front of me�.and she just lets the door go. Doesn�t hold the door for the guy who almost stole her keys and threw them in the trash barrel yesterday. I hope this woman has her son kidnapped and strangled to death by some pervert who fucks the little kid over and over until he can�t sit down�and his mouth is all dry and cracked from the cold weather, and having an adult penis forced into his mouth over a period of 48 hours in the woods somewhere. That�s all you have to do is hold a door for someone, and you�ll make a day that much brighter. Jeez. Some people are just sick.

It is cold out today, and I have to go to the bank. I hate the bank. I hate going into banks. I would rather toss Bette Midler�s salad than go to the bank.

I watched the film Swimming Pool last night. Not as twisted as Adaptation, but it reminded me of that film slightly. Two vaginas, and one penis are shown in the film. I enjoyed it. I may even buy it to own.

This is close to where I killed someone once. Seriously.

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