Oh Joy!
2004-01-11 || amagicalp0cak
Soundtrack � Guided By Voices � Hardcore UFO�s

I have not even really looked outside today, let alone go out there. I had enough cigarettes and coffee to last the lazy ass day it was. Unfortunately, I didn�t do one remotely interesting thing at all. Even picking up the guitar bored me. A couple of football games kept me interested. I was hoping Kansas City and Philadelphia would have one. Only one of those two won though.

I think I may fly to LA in March to visit my dad and be in California for the first time in 10 years. I used to go every year after we moved back from there in 1980. 1994 was the last time I was there now that I think about it. It�s cheap. I wonder if it will be as boring as this entry?

If you insert your penis into a magical cupcake, what happens to your m?

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