Oh Joy!
2004-01-08 || JNF&W
Soundtrack � Carly Simon � Tittie Fucking and Ass Sucking

Happy Hanukah everyone, fuck it feels good to be a Jewish person.

It�s cold out today, but I live in New England and don�t do much walking around outside so I�m not going to bitch about it. If you live in New England and complain that it�s too cold you should be killed. Anyway, I think I�m going to go to Los Angeles shortly for a little vacation. They have cheap flights there, and if I�m lucky the plane will explode and my body will be in a million pieces over Kentucky somewhere. Anything to stop this dreadful existence of mine would help at this point: plane crashes, car accident, more smoking cigarettes, parking the car in the garage with the car running. What have you got?

We have a gig tonight at a place on the beach. I wonder how many people will be there? 6? 7? 88? Who knows!

I have no new music to listen to at this point. Oh yeah, I�m going to buy some equipment to start doing some home st

Actually, that�s boring me me me me me eme me mememe e

This Jewish chick that works here, I would like to cut her in half and throw her to an alligator, what a complete fucking useless cuntbag she is. I hope she OD�s on heroin or gets AIDS

What was I saying? Oh the booking agents, dealing with these guys is like dealing with I don�t know, a person you don�t l

This guy writes back �send a package�. Okay, I�ll send a package filled with fertilizer, gasoline and rusty thumbtacks

I crashed the airplane

I think there are Nazis in the old home town, evidently someone left anti-Semitic literature around the town on New Years Eve, what a bunch of fucking pussies those people are. Seriously. If you hate black people, or Jews why not be open about, not hide behind a stupid leaflet, or sheet.

You know it�s bad when I can�t even deal with other hateful people.

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