Oh Joy!
2003-11-26 || grand fuckan rsialroad
Soundtrack � Randy Newman � Good Old Boys

So I�ve somehow managed to dupe a good number of people on Friendster, and the numbers are growing. Ha, you may even be on my friends list there. Heh. It�s amusing how gullible some folks can be. Anyway, as Darby Crash said �what we do is secret�.

Tonight I will finally get back to the folks from south of here who have contacted me about getting together for some social activity. I�ve been concentrating on a few other things this week, and well, I�m an awful person who is bad with follow-up.

How many black people are into King Crimson I wonder from time to time.

Last night I went by the record shop, ran into a guy I knew from years ago that has some sort of disease where he talks like he�s retarded, and his arms and hands are all crooked and shit. Cerebral Palsy maybe? I don�t know, never asked, anyway he talked my ear off for almost an hour about how he was discriminated against while looking for a job. That sucks. Know what else sucks? �THE BIGGEST SHOPPING DAY OF THE YEAR!!!!� and all of the fucks that this will put on the road. Fuck you Jesus for being born and having Christmas exist you fucking Jewish carpenter fuck.

Apparently the weather will be friendly.

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