Oh Joy!
2003-11-25 || when you did all those pills that night in MEsnapoona
Soundtrack � Carly Simon � 2 Bloody Cocks in My Mouth and Asshole

I can�t for the life of me figure out what was more exciting this past weekend:

a) Buying that Andy Griffith Box Set

b) The conversation about Tool and A Perfect Circle Breaux and the guy from the recording studio had on Saturday morning

I don�t like the song Swing Low Sweet Chariot really. Can I go on record with that?

I just realized that this weekend has the loathsome tag of �busiest shopping weekend of the year�. Like I really want to be on the highways in big cities during this. Thankfully I�ll do a good amount of late night driving.

For some reason I bought the Two Towers DVD this past weekend. I watched part of it Sunday, and then zzzzz. I can�t say I would ever need to see it again now. Not a bad movie really, the films are just too fucking long and drawn out. It�s like, just kill the fucking orcs and let us go home now these acne-pocked kids have math homework to go do.

Anyone who sings about Jesus should be killed, even the people I like that I can�t think of right now. That band with the indie rock sound and the guy with the drum face on the cover sings a song about Jesus at the beginning of the record that�s overrated.

Who the fuck still uses fax machines? That�s like using

What time is it now? Time to get a thing and pour whiskey on this.

If you look up �nigger� on Google, this is what you get:

Can we get Thanksgiving over now? I realized I don�t really like any holidays at all. None of them. Huh>

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