Oh Joy!
2003-11-19 || Joanie loves Chachie, but she wants to fuck Potsy
soundtrack � Coleman Hawkins

the black guy at work sells this dry weed that makes you hack after taking one hit. The kind of coughing where you briefly feel like you�re going to pass out.

Spent most of the day listening to the recording. I need to do the lyrics this weekend. I don�t look forward to that really. In a way, to hear what it sounds like. But whereas my lyrics suck, and I figured I could stop singing about ladies years ago. Well, these are mostly all lyrics that were written in the summer of 2002 anyway.

It�s funny to hear how upset the conservative talk show guys get over this gay marriage shit that happened in Massachusetts today. Anyway, who gives a shit about that anyway?

I booked the motel for next weekend. Originally, I thought I would stay in Long Island on Friday night after the show, and then drive to Philadelphia/NJ in the AM. However, I am now planning on just driving down there after the show on Friday night. According to Mapquest, it is a 2 � hour ride�.which means 3 hours or something. I have no clue. I would rather drive late at night through NY, etc personally. Especially on Thanksgiving weekend. How many people up in here wanna holla at a nigga?

Television can still make me want to gouge eyes out (the other day at lunch, I had that ��shoot that poison arrow through my heart�� song by ABC running rampant in my head. Not a bad song actually. Really, admit it.). Here are some of the shows that are making me want to kill every single white person in the world: Rich Girls � albeit not as annoying as one would think, these chicks need to be sandblasted and then thrown in a vat of hot apple cider (mmmmm crisp fall evenings in New England are here, Yes indeed. Drives up north to look at bare trees and saxophones on car stereos driving over crunchy leaves everywhere�where else would you want to be?). Queer Eye For the Straight Guy � I�ve never seen even a second of this show, yet I know that it is not a good show, and if you watch it and enjoy it even slightly, you should be torn apart by a pack of wild geese that breathe fire and spit acid out of their menacing beaks. The show that has that guy in it � I hate that fucking guy. I don�t know of any other shows to watch. I meant to say that I don�t know of any other shows, as I stay away. I�ve decided to revert to books now. I unearthed a number of books I bought in the last year that I haven�t even cracked. I was reminded on the Peth internet website diaryof a gentleman by the name of Phillip K. Dick this afternoon during ADD incident # 43 of the day. I was in the book store on Saturday night that a week previous I vowed never to enter again the other night and I looked at the back of every one of his books to find one to buy. Where would I start? If you know, please point me in the right direction I would like to check him out. Please tell me. I will reward.

Got a new debit card today, the number on it is 4847 9200 6248 9603 exp 11/05, (it�s a Visa). Please let me know if you use it so I don�t overdraw.

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